Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Daylight Savings!!!

We have been enjoying Daylight Savings around here, with the added daylight has come warmth AND sunshine!!!!!!

I ran 5 miles and played softball on Sunday, then we had a BBQ out on our friend's deck with the softball team.

We swam as a family last Wednesday, Thursday, AND Friday afternoons!!!

I was able to go up and swim 100 laps yesterday when Ian got off work.

We have all been out to play A LOT!!!

I think there is some rain coming next week, so we have been taking advantage of this weather!!! Here are some pictures from our outings!!

Cami enjoying the sunshine!!!

Dahlia enjoying the sunshine too!

We set up the tunnel and tent!!

Dahlia in the tent!

Cami in the tent!!!

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MrsWright22 said...

Yay, good to see some updates! Sounds like you are having TONS of fun in the sun, that's awesome :) Your girls are sooo beautiful, love you all!