Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dahlia turned 1!!! (two months ago)

So I have been lagging on posting. Sorry about that.

This 2010 is going SOOOOO fast!!!! We had a joint birthday party for Dahlia on February 6. Dahlia Scanlon (Jan. 31) Sadie Hamilton (Feb. 5) and Olivia Hernandez (Feb. 10). It is amazing that all of these precious girls were born within 10 days of one another, and they all live in Mount Hermon!!!! So great. It was fun, we had a farm theme, and Lana made AMAZING cupcakes!!! Here are some pictures from that....

The farm cake and chicken/cow/pig cupcakes!!!

Birthday girl Dahlia!!!

Birthday girl Sadie!!!

Birthday girl Olivia!!!

With the mommas!!!

With the daddies!!!

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