Wednesday, June 07, 2006

This week has been CRAZY.

one 12pg paper, one 6pg paper, one 3pg paper, four 2pg papers, and I have an exam tomorrow, an exam on Monday, and my last final on Tuesday.

That means.......... SUMMER!!!!

Yay! I like summer. I get to go back to working at the beach, then I'm driving back up here for graduation, then have a houseboat trip, I'm going to Costa Rica, going camping with a bunch of friends on another weekend, I'm in a wedding in August. This summer has a lot in store, and then I start senior year. YAY.

God is good. I'm worrying a bit about things, but am trying to trust Him with all that I am. It's pretty fun, this whole life thing He's in charge of. I'm excited. The biggest prayer request is for safety in all of the travelling and adventures that God has set out. But I know, like Sean said, we're invincible until God is done with us. I have a feeling He has a lot more in store.

I hope all is well with you. Have a great week, and please SMILE.

Oh also, keep your eyes open, there is beauty in everything, and in everyone.