Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Crayon melting FUN!!!

So I was browsing the old internet for some craft ideas and found this: Crayon Cars. SO we decided to have some fun making some crayon bugs and zoo animals this morning....

First you take the paper off all the crayons:

Next, spray the pans with cooking spray, and break up the crayons to fill the trays with the colors you want:

Put the filled trays in the 200 degree oven, and keep checking the progress every 10 min. Once most of the first crayons melt, there may be room for more crayons, so add some more and keep baking:

Take them out and have them cool and re-harden:

Then you have FUN crayon bugs and animals in fun multi-colors, YAY!:

FUN FUN FUN! Now we have some animal crayons to draw with! Happy crafting!