Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Fun!!!!

The weekend is over and we had a BLAST!!! Ian's mom came into town and was able to help us with home stuff, the babies, and having a great time.

Our Saturday was a great restful day. Ian and I were guests on the Mount Hermon Redwood Canopy Tour:

We had a very wonderful time. Ian is a canopy tour guide during the summer, so the tour was nothing really new for him. I on the other hand was pregnant throughout the tour being built, and all of Ian's work on it. I was SO excited to FINALLY get a turn on the tour. It was WONDERFUL!!!! It was so peaceful to zip through and above the beautiful redwood forest we call home. We didn't bring our camera but here is a shot of Ian from last summer. Hopefully I can get up in the trees a few more times this year.

Sunday was filled with Church, a baby shower, naps, and lots of laundry.

Memorial day we went down to play with our friends The Folkerts and more. They set up a huge slip-n-slide down the side of the hill on the property. Cami borrowed a wetsuit from The Bartletts and here are some pictures from this wonderfully fun day!!

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