Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A first for us tonight, and more....

Cami drew on the bathroom door while I was feeding Dahlia... I guess the giant piece of cardboard I gave her to draw on wasn't big enough... Thank The Lord it is washable marker.

Dahlia grew out of the bassinet and is now going to be sleeping next to me in the pack-n-play.  Hopefully she will move out of our room soon. for a month she slept from about 9pm until 7am. Just recently she has been waking up at 5 and stirring around. We're working on getting back to that 7am start time, because then she won't wake Cami up when they are in the same room.

Cami is a sleeping wiggler!! We put her down on one side of the crib, and each time we check on her, she is in a different place. It's great. We have a twin bed all ready for her transition, we're just waiting on the bed rail to get here. Then Dahlia can have the crib, they will share a room, and Ian and I can have our own bedroom 'area' (the room is connected to the kitchen) for the first time in 2 years!!!! I can't wait. I think I will be able to sleep through the night somewhat peacefully! You know how it is moms... any movement from the little one and your sleep is interrupted just a bit. I'm excited for that day, and the energy my body will hopefully restore.

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