Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Hobie Polarized

About a month and a half ago, I received in the mail a new pair of Hobie Polarized Sunglasses. Now there is a bigger story here than just that fact. While Lifeguarding for USOS for 6 years, I really came to understand the fundamental fact that good eyewear is one of the most critical purchases you can ever make (if you have an active/outdoor lifestyle) We use our eyes SO much, and they need to be protected. Having Hobie as a sponsor for USOS, allowed me to purchase some amazing sunglasses (pictured below)

Now these glasses stuck with me and endured some tough times for 8 years, ocean, sand, river, snow, Central America, marriage, babies, hospitals, swim lesson instruction, countless hours in the car, and more. They have protected my eyes from all the stress I put them under. Eventually the glasses broke. I was devastated. They came with me everywhere, and they were broken.

I contacted Hobie and they mentioned the manufacturers, so I contacted them as well. Since this model was pretty old, and I had forgotten the name of it, they were able to offer me a new pair of my choosing at half price. On a trip back to OC, I went into the store to try on some new glasses and found a few that I liked. We ended up purchasing a pair of 'El Capitans', and though I really loved the 'Topanga' style, they didn't have the lens/frame combo I was looking for. Anyway, we were fine with the El Caps, and they actually fit Ian a bit better. So he started using them, and really commented on how amazing a great pair of sunglasses changes things.

Well, about a month and a half ago I started following @HobiePolarized on Twitter. They had a contest for their first followers. I won a pair of Sunglasses through this contest. I was pretty sure the contest glasses would just be a model that they pick, but just on a whim, I mentioned how I liked the Topanga model when I was giving them my address. Two days after my birthday, I went to get the mail, and they were there. I opened the packaging, and saw 'Topanga' written on the box. My heart literally leapt with JOY! The Topangas are pictured below, and I have been SO blessed to once again have some quality glasses that I love. I just thought I would share. Hobie is a great company, and they make QUALITY products, so if you're ever in the market for surf/boat/kayak/eyewear/SUP, I highly recommend my friends at Hobie.

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