Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The rain has come

We have rain!!! YAY for Autumn/Winter: puddles, crock pot soup/stew, baking fresh bread, cozy cuddles with cuddly babies and spouses, etc.

Cami went out to play in the rain with Ian for a bit this morning.

Then Ian drove his motorcycle up to work in the rain:

While the girls napped I made some cupcakes that I food-colored orange, and topped with chocolate frosting and yellow sprinkles... very fall themed. Bible study tonight, and the first rainy day of the season is a success. I hope you are all enjoying the changing seasons and the weather they bring.


MrsWright22 said...

Ian has a motorcycle?

Love you :)

MLE said...

More like a dirt bike/ motorcycle hybrid. He drives it only in Mount Hermon for work, because He doesn't have his license yet.

Love you and miss you too!!