Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Hair

Ok, so I braided my hair at the beginning of May..... and really want to document this amazingness.... enjoy.



I LOVED it! They were super easy to take care of and yes, I could wash my hair. But, you know how you lose hair every day... yea, well, that still happened, and by the end of the month I could see how many of the braids that made up my hair were overrun with detached hairs that were still woven into the braids. 

It was pretty cool, but I figured that I would let my hair breathe, and I decided to unbraid my hair..... not the best result ensued. All of the detached hairs formed many dreadlocks and before I knew it, I was trying to remove these dreadlocked 'weeds' from my healthy hair.... Let's just say I ended up with VERY tired arms, an empty bottle of conditioner, and a ziploc bag completely PACKED full of hair (yes I threw it away, I just wanted to see how much I lost.)

I got a new hair cut and color when I was down South visiting family... It was the first time I have had my hair cut since September of 2007.... Before Cami's surgery that October. I think having two tiny kids really attributed to that fact, and I also think my hair deserved some kind treatment. Ahhh, so that's my story.

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MrsWright22 said...

So where's the picture of your new 'do? :)